R: Rebecca  F: Father

Rebecca and her father are discussing her study plan for the following school year.

R: Dad, my school guidance counselor said I should talk to you about my class choices next fall.

F: Sure, Rebecca. What about them?

R: I’m torn between the science and liberal arts fields.

F: I see. Are you still interested in becoming a doctor?

R: Yes, I am.

F: Then choose science.

R: But I’ve also thought of becoming a lawyer like you.

F: Well, in that case, you should probably choose liberal arts.

R: I’m so confused.


蕾貝嘉: 爸爸,我學校的輔導老師說我應該和你談談下個秋季我應該選什麼課程。

爸 爸: 好啊,蕾貝嘉。跟什麼有關?

蕾貝嘉: 我在理科和文科領域間左右為難。

爸 爸: 我明白了。妳仍然對當醫生有興趣嗎?

蕾貝嘉: 嗯,還是有興趣。

爸 爸: 那就選擇理科。

蕾貝嘉: 但我也想過要像你一樣當律師。

爸 爸: 嗯,那樣的話,妳或許應該選文科。

蕾貝嘉: 我好困惑啊。



be torn between A and B  在 A 與 B 之間左右為難∕難以取捨

in that case  那樣的話

confused a. 感到困惑的

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