G: Glen A: Andrea

Andrea is making a phone call to Glen to place an order.

G: Many of the employees at Cybercloud are IT experts. We do whatever is necessary to provide the best products and after-sales service.

A: Great! We have a network of 24 workstations. Each workstation requires an update to the latest system of A-designer. Are there any minimum order requirements?

G: Yes, there are. You must update at least 20 copies to receive a 25% discount. Further discounts are available if you pay within 30 days.


格 倫:許多網路雲的員工都是資訊科技專家。我們盡一切可能提供最好的產品和售後服務。

安德莉亞:很好!我們有個由二十四個工作站組成的網路。每個工作站都需要更新到 A-designer 的最新系統。請問有最低訂購要求嗎?

格 倫:有的。您必須更新至少二十份才能獲得七五折的折扣。如果您在三十天內付款還可以獲得更多折扣。


expert n. 專家

require vt. 需要

receive vt. 收到

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