With all the information and entertainment designed to attract people on the internet, it can be difficult to concentrate for even a short time. Luckily, some apps can help people go into monk mode. It refers to a period of time when people temporarily forget the madness of the online world and devote themselves to their goals. One such app is called Freedom, which allows users to block apps and websites or even turn off internet access completely. Users can decide on the amount of time they want to step away from distractions. It can range from a few minutes to a couple of days.

在網路上,有大量為了吸引人們而設計的資訊和娛樂,使人們即使是在短時間內也很難集中注意力。幸運的是,有一些應用程式可以幫助人們進入僧人模式。它指的是一段當人們暫時忘卻網路世界的紛擾並全心投入自己的目標的時間。其中一款應用程式名為 Freedom,它讓用戶封鎖應用程式和網站,甚至完全關閉網際網路。使用者可以決定他們想要遠離干擾的時間長短。可以從幾分鐘到幾天不等。


entertainment n. 娛樂

concentrate vi. 專心

concentrate on...  全神貫注於……

range from A to B  範圍從 A 到 B


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