The Coachella Festival is one of the world’s largest events for music, art, and fashion. When the festival began in 1999, it was a two-day event centering on alternative music. Tickets were only US$50, with parking and a bottle of water included. Attendance was low, so the organizers lost a lot of money in the first year. However, they followed their vision, improved some details, and came back in 2001 with greater success.

科切拉音樂節是世界上最大的音樂、藝術和時尚活動之一。該音樂節於 1999 年開始舉辦時,是個為期兩天、聚焦於另類音樂的活動。門票僅要價五十美元,包含停車費和一瓶水。出席人數很少,所以主辦單位第一年就損失了很多錢。然而,他們遵循自己的願景,改善了一些細節,並在 2001 年捲土重來且大獲成功。


fever n. 狂熱

center on...  著重於∕聚焦於……

vision n. 願景




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