QR codes are very common these days, providing people with a convenient way to share information. These black-and-white squares are widely used in restaurants and stores, as well as on all kinds of print advertisements. The QR code is short for “Quick Response Code,” and these simple codes have become a useful tool in the smartphone era. The QR code was released in 1994 by a Japanese company called Denso Wave. However, the research that went into the QR code’s development dates back to the 1960s.

如今,行動條碼非常普遍,提供人們一種便捷的方式來分享資訊。這些黑白方塊廣泛地被應用在餐廳和商店中以及各種平面廣告上。QR code 是 Quick Response Code 的縮寫,這些簡單的程式碼已成為智慧型手機時代的實用工具。行動條碼是由一家名為 Denso Wave 的日本公司於 1994 年推出。然而,投入於行動條碼開發的研究可以追溯至 1960 年代。


advertisement n. 廣告(常縮寫為 ad)

be short for...  是……的縮寫

era n. 時代,年代


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