T: Tony  N: Nora

Tony and Nora have arrived at their campsite and just finished setting up their tent.

T: Wow! This spot will be ideal for enjoying the stars at night, and the air here is so refreshing.

N: Speaking of night, it’s starting to get dark. Let’s work on a campfire.

T: Good call. I’ll gather some firewood.

N: You should take this flashlight just in case.

T: Thanks. What about you? What are you going to do?

N: I’ll get our camp chairs from the car and set up the canopy in front of our tent.



湯 尼: 哇!這個地方非常適合晚上賞星星,而且這裡的空氣非常清新。

諾 拉: 說到晚上,天快要黑了。我們來生營火吧。

 湯 尼: 我贊成。我會去收集一些木柴。

諾 拉: 你應該帶上這個手電筒以防萬一。

湯 尼: 謝謝。那妳呢?妳要做什麼?

諾 拉: 我要從車上拿我們的露營椅,並在我們的帳篷前搭起遮雨棚。


be ideal for...  非常適合……

ideal a. 理想的

work on...  著手……

gather vt. 收集


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