Life in 2022 is getting more expensive every day. Rising inflation is making it harder for regular people to buy new things. To save money, some people are choosing to repair their old stuff instead of replacing it. In addition to saving some cash, people can experience a satisfying feeling when fixing broken items on their own. Financial benefits aren’t the only reason why people are handling repairs at home. Many people now realize that buying new things all the time is bad for the environment.

2022 年的生活每天都變得越來越貴。不斷上升的通貨膨脹讓一般人更難購買新東西。為了省錢,有些人選擇修理他們的舊物而不是更換它們。除了能省下一些現金外,當人們靠自己修理損壞的物品時也會有一種滿足感。經濟利益並不是人們在家進行維修的唯一原因。現在很多人都意識到,一直買新東西對環境有害。


replace vt. 取代

satisfying a. 令人滿意的

benefit n. 利益,好處