R: Rebecca  F: Father

Rebecca and her father are discussing some volunteer work that she’d like to do during the summer vacation.

R: Dad, can I talk to you for a minute?

F: Sure, Rebecca. What’s on your mind?

R: Well, I’ve been thinking about joining the volunteer program at the local hospital this summer. They need assistance with consulting services and promoting health activities.

F: That sounds interesting, but what makes you want to volunteer?

R: I think it would help me prepare for my journey toward becoming a doctor. I can learn new skills and meet new people.


蕾貝嘉: 爸爸,我可以和你聊聊嗎?

爸 爸: 當然,蕾貝嘉。妳在想什麼?

蕾貝嘉: 嗯,我一直在考慮今年夏天加入當地醫院的志工計畫。他們需要人手幫忙提供諮詢服務及推廣健康相關的活動。

爸 爸: 那聽起來很有趣,但是什麼讓妳想要去當志工?

蕾貝嘉: 我認為它有助於我在成為醫生的道路上做好準備。我可以學習新技能並結識新朋友。



on one’s mind  在某人腦海中;某人想著某事

assistance n. 協助

consulting a. 提供諮詢的

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