When someone is canceled on social media, people no longer follow what that person posts online. They might also stop buying products promoted by that person. But canceling someone is not always successful. Author J.K. Rowling was canceled for Tweets that people found offensive. People protested against her online, but sales of her books increased during the pandemic. Other cancellations have been more successful, though. Singer R. Kelly was canceled for treating women horribly. After many years, he was finally found guilty by a court.

當一個人在社群媒體上被取消時,人們不再追蹤其動態。他們也有可能停止購買那個人所推售的產品。但是取消某人並不總是成功的。作家 J.K. 羅琳因其令人感到冒犯的推文而被取消。人們在網路上抗議她,但她的書本銷量在疫情間卻增加了。不過,其他的被取消案例就成功多了。歌手勞.凱利因惡劣對待女性而被取消。多年後,他終於被法庭宣判有罪。

cancel vt. 取消
increase vi. 增加
court n. 法庭
The judge asked the police to take those two people out of the court.

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