Now that Coachella has become so popular, the organizers are able to attract some of the biggest names in music. K-pop super group Blackpink was one of the headliners at the 2023 festival, and artists such as Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, and Rihanna all performed at Coachella in the past. As the festival entered the age of social media, it also became an important place for fashion brands and online influencers to do networking and promotions.

如今科切拉音樂節已變得如此受歡迎,主辦單位能吸引一些音樂界的巨星。韓國流行音樂超人氣團體 Blackpink 是 2023 年音樂節的領銜主演者之一,碧昂絲、怪奇比莉以及蕾哈娜等藝人都曾在科切拉音樂節上表演過。隨著音樂節進入社群媒體時代,它也成為時裝品牌與網路名人拓展人際關係與進行宣傳的重要場所。


now that + S + V  如今∕既然……

networking n. 發展人際關係

promotion n. 宣傳




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