N: Norman  E: Eliza

Norman and Eliza have just moved to Taiwan from Canada, and they are shopping for appliances for their new home.

N: Are there any other big items that we should order?

E: Let’s see. The apartment already has a fridge, a washing machine, and a microwave.

N: Then the basics are mostly covered.

E: What about a water dispenser?

N: We can boil water from the tap for drinking water, so we can hold off on buying one for now.

E: Oh, that’s right. How about a coffee machine? I don’t want to drink coffee from a convenience store every day.


諾 曼: 還有其他我們應該訂購的大型家電嗎?

伊麗莎: 讓我想想。這間公寓已經有一臺冰箱、洗衣機和微波爐。

諾 曼: 那大部分基本的東西都有了。

伊麗莎: 買臺飲水機怎麼樣?

諾 曼: 我們可以將水龍頭的水煮沸來當飲用水,所以目前可以先不用買。

伊麗莎: 喔,你說得對。那咖啡機如何?我不想每天喝便利商店的咖啡。



basics n. 基礎,基本(恆用複數)

tap n. 水龍頭

hold off on V-ing  推遲∕延遲(做)……

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